Ram Lee:
The Artist

From his high school days, Ram Lee’s love for painting has been evident, evolving with each masterpiece. While his tattooing career at Traverse City Tattoo often takes center stage, his true essence lies in his heartfelt paintings, deeply inspired by his love for fly fishing and spiritual reflections by the river.

Ram Lee: The Man

In the heart of Northern Michigan and the sun-kissed shores of the Florida Keys, Ram Lee’s life unfolds as a rich tapestry of passion and dedication. Beyond the artistry of his tattoos and the allure of his paintings, the thrill of bow hunting, and the serenity of fly fishing, lies the core of his world – his family. Their shared moments, from quiet reflections by the river to joyous gatherings at home, amplify his love for art, nature, and life itself. A devoted family man and a true renaissance figure, Ram’s journey is a testament to the balance of personal passions and the warmth of family bonds.

Ram Lee:
The Sportsman

In the serene landscapes of Northern Michigan and the pristine waters of the Florida Keys, Ram Lee finds his true calling. An avid bow hunter and fly fisher, he immerses himself in the raw beauty of nature, drawing inspiration from the thrill of the hunt and the rhythm of the cast. For Ram, these pursuits are more than hobbies; they’re a testament to his deep connection with the wild and his passion for life’s simple, yet profound, pleasures.

Ram Lee: The Journey

Outdoors Man

Tattoo Artist


Faith Speaking

Ram Lee:
The Tattoo Artist

With over 20 years in the tattoo industry, Ram Lee specializes in realistic, black and grey, and Japanese art forms. He values every client’s vision, ensuring a top-notch tattoo experience regardless of the design’s size. Continually evolving, Ram stands out as a leader in black & gray tattoos and is renowned for his custom work.

Ram Lee: Featured